Hating your choices

QUESTION: Masters is it possible for me to enter into the 4th dimension/ change into a heart-based consciousness/ reach enlightenment… (I don’t know the best term, but I think you get the idea) all while keeping my goals of revenge against my soul? I know it’s contradictory to speak about heart and revenge in the same line, but I have no other choice. To you it may be a wonderful experience to come to earth to suffer again and again and again, and later go to another planet with even more pain and difficulties to suffer even more, and keep this cycle infinitely, but I don’t want this anymore, really. Is that why we exist? What do I gain from all that? Would I be superior to those who fail to endure it? Sorry, but I’m not interested. ~E., Brazil

ANSWER: The third dimension is a duality of half negative and half positive energy. The spiritual aspect of the fourth dimension is reached by removing oneself as much as possible from negativity and focusing on unconditional love. The fifth dimension, union with Source energy, is where one is completely devoid of negativity and exists in unconditionally loving, positive energy.

Without a soul you could not have a human experience, because the soul is what animates the physical body. The human consciousness has little, if any, concept of the soul that is in control. It is only when in its essential form, an amorphous energy cloud of unconditionally loving energy, that the soul “knows” itself.

You are embroiled in the third-dimensional ego judgment where you are rating, grading, and judging everything, even those things about which you really have no idea. You have decided that this life and every other life your soul has chosen are all negative and painful. Well, let us tell you that you have had many lives where you have chosen enjoyable, satisfying, and pleasurable existences; you just don’t remember them while in your human body.

You have bought into all those societal and organized religious ego judgments where the poor little human is suffering because the big bad soul wanted to punish it by having it come into a negative world. You are here only because you chose to be. You chose the lessons you are going through, and you can either learn them and move on or finish this life in the same negative state you are in right now.

Enlightenment is “getting” the whole reason a soul chooses to go through Earth “hell.” It is forcing away the negativity, the hate, the need for revenge and, instead, choosing to accept that which is and letting yourself return to the unconditional love that is devoid of any negativity. Only then will you be able to achieve a heart-based consciousness.

But, in the end, the choice is yours.