Self-programming and deprogramming

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain how our self-awareness/ego has self-programmed our memory files? I understand that our bodies have their own consciousness awareness and act as an automaton in response to our input storing and repeating back our emotionally charged thought patterns. So, do we literally program our own mind? The question then becomes, how do we deprogram our memory files and how does the interaction between Soul, ego and body conscious work? ~David, Australia

ANSWER: First some definitions. Your unconscious has two aspects. The first is the part of the human mind that has recorded the behaviors, patterns, and desires of the conscious mind plus any activity arising from the present life. The second is the part of the spiritual knowledge and wisdom kept as part of your Akashic record or the memory of everything your soul has ever been engaged in during any existence in which it has chosen to gather experience.

Self-awareness is a term generally used to refer to the extent to which the human being has become alerted to the abilities and powers available to it through its soul’s essence. Ego is the conscious human mind acting within the societal judgmental manner in the duality where everything is not simply observed but rather graded, rated, and judged.

When you say self-programmed, you are merely referring to the ability of a person, or soul for that matter, to remember, consciously or unconsciously, everything that it has seen or done both in this lifetime and previously. What is getting confused here is the fact that a soul having a human experience must choose that in which it wishes to engage. It may completely cut off past events to have a fresh playing field.

You do not usually sit down, as at a keyboard, and decide how to program your memories – they just exist from your actions. The soul has infinite power, so if it wishes to erase something from contact with the human consciousness, it only has to put that intent forward.

The soul is nonphysical and eternal. The ego is connected to and controlling of the physical body the soul has entered. The spiritual consciousness has all memories but may choose to block the majority so as not to influence the current life cycle. The body’s consciousness or memory is as good as the recall the person has decided to develop.

If a soul in a human form wishes to deprogram a behavior such as smoking, drinking, or over-eating, it has to put forth the effort to create new patterns. This has nothing to do with its spiritual aspect unless they are dealing with a lesson worked on in another life that was not completed and they have now chosen to revisit it.