Caught in a make-believe reality

QUESTION: Masters some years ago I met a man who I later, deeply in my heart, recognized as my very important soulmate. I went home and cried for joy even though I was married to another man and I didn’t even really know this new man. There are a lot of similarities in our lives but also something very opposite. I still feel the connection to him, but this man has told me that he’s not interested in me. When there is love and peace in my heart, I feel deeply that he’s my twin flame. I have never suffered such mental pain before than being without him. I can’t stop thinking about him and that makes me unable to forget him and move on. I don’t know what to do. Who is this man and what he is teaching me? ~In Pain, Finland

ANSWER: Ever have the experience of seeing an actor in an emotionally moving situation and becoming fascinated and physically responsive to their existence? This is the same roller coaster you find yourself on with this man. Ever have a visceral reaction to a steamy book you are reading or a movie you are watching? This is a similar reaction.

You have engraved in your mind what you desire with your whole heart because of the way this contact has stimulated your body. This is not a real response to the action of this individual but a desire to satisfy the cravings you momentarily had with this person inspiring your imagination.

This occurrence happened at a time when you wanted so much more from your marriage and were not getting satisfaction. You stepped into your “perfect” imagination and are now stuck in its throes. This man became symbolic to you of what you had to have. Of course, he is not interested in what is in your dreams alone.

A twin flame would have the same reaction to you that you have to them. Since he finds you somewhat of a stalker, you can rest assure he is not your twin. He came into your life so that you would examine exactly what your dreams are demanding in a relationship.

Step back and see what it is in him that you desire in a mate. Take this particular man out of the equation and create, with your needed requirements for happiness, just what you wish to bring into your life. Look only at characteristics, do not try to identify a person behind them – that is where your fixation takes over and prevents looking forward.