Innate abilities

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain to me a little more about my sensibility? When I am concentrating on helping others, it is easy for me to see, know and to see the paths that can help others. Am I a wayshower? This voice in my head when I ask something they are my mentors? Did I accept to come with these abilities to help others here on Earth? Can I use this as a work? ~Fran, Canada

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy and have the same powers and abilities. Most either do not accept that they have these powers, don’t know they do, or think it is too much trouble to develop them within their current lifetime. Before planning each incarnation, a soul will decide just how much of their innate abilities they wish to use in the upcoming life. You have spent many different lives using the same powers and others that you recognize at this time.

Way showers are souls who demonstrate a particular pattern of behavior or beliefs so that others might see and experiment with the same abilities. That does not describe you. You are just using your powers, not trying to teach others how to use the same faculties.

What you are doing is tapping into the energies around you and others and identifying the characteristics that are present, thereby being able to help others to understand what they can do with the potential. You help to steer some to learn, and others to understand, what energy patterns they have drawn to themselves.

This is something you chose as an extension of the other lessons you have worked on in this life. You are hearing your Higher Self, that section of your soul which resides in the unconscious part of your mind. Your guides are also contributing some useful information with which to direct your interaction with others.

What you do with this ever-developing ability, which is becoming more and more apparent, is up to you. It is possible to provide assistance to others using this ability alone, or you can do some other type of counseling and incorporate these factors. They also work very well as an addition to any type of alternative healing, body work, or spiritual teaching. The possibilities are unlimited and as abundant as you wish to explore.