States of being

QUESTION: Masters you have said that you live at home in the Fifth Dimension, while we humans live in the Third Dimension and non-physical dark human souls live in the Fourth Dimension. I assume other beings live in the Fourth as well and would like to know more about that. According to String Theory the universe is comprised of multiple dimensions. Is there a one and two dimension? What about a Sixth and Seventh Dimension? How many dimensions are there and what are they like? Have you lived in those other dimensions also? Please tell us more. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: In order to talk about the various terms in your language that are used to describe states of being, one must use judgment – hence it is not something we normally engage in unless we are teaching about the journey of a soul going through the human duality phase on Earth. All souls have the same essence, but they learn from human experiences in differing ways.

We use the terms third, fourth, and fifth dimension in our teachings only for the purpose of differentiating from each other the completely physical state, the transitional physical/nonphysical stages, and the totally nonphysical state in which you are simply your essence or soul.

Those totally caught up in judgment, where they rate, grade, and classify minutiae, have declared there to be as many as several hundred dimensions based on the human concepts of advanced “learning.” This is a human, physical phenomenon. They, like your reference to string theory, talk only about the physical world and not the spiritual soul, which has no physicality.

In response to other questions we have “humanized” the journey stages thusly: The first dimension would be plants and things that have no ability to process thought. The second dimension is animals who have some thinking abilities and humans who are totally controlled by others and don’t think they have to be responsible for their own actions (e.g., no conscience). The third dimension is souls having a human experience determining their human lives based on freedom of choice. The fourth dimension is where souls who have given up ego judgment now exist in unconditionally loving evaluation – they are still in physical bodies but easily commune with the spirits. The entire fourth is an area of physical and nonphysical beings: those just mentioned and souls who have left their bodies (died) but have chosen to stay attached to Earth rather than going Home – i.e., have become discarnates. The fifth dimension is nonphysical souls who have returned to unconditional love with Source – their point of origin.