What qualifies a soul as a guide?

QUESTION: Masters, having been told that my spirit guide was Marcus Aurelius (also said to have been my husband in that life) I wrote to you some years ago and had that confirmed. Thankfully, I have now managed to rid myself of this guide; but please could you tell me how anyone of his ilk could be set as a spirit guide to any soul, considering the level of war, slaving, persecution and greed his life entailed? It seems akin to Hitler or Count Dracula being put “over” someone’s spiritual development. ~Linda, Britain

ANSWER: The soul who spent a life as Marcus Aurelius has spent hundreds of other lives as all kinds of human beings, just as you have. When a soul decides to experience what society considers to be horrific, all that anyone comments on or remembers is the life that is contrary to what they think they would do under the same circumstances.

When you shared the planet with Marcus as his wife, you also shared all of his propensities for murder and mayhem. Does that make you understand him a little better? Both of you were experiencing lessons from personal characteristics you wanted to try out. You knew that you were not that personality permanently but only as you played that part. All souls are like actors and actresses – one role is as a deplorable creep and the next may be as Mother Teresa.

Souls come to Earth to experience negativity because that is the only place it exists. Once they complete that particular life and go back Home, they enter into unconditional love and no longer have any negativity in them. The soul who was Marcus is in your same soul group and you two have spent a number of lives together. Each of you has also stayed at home and been a guide for the other. It is only your current Earthly ego prejudices that cause you to have such a strong reaction to his presence.

The essence of all souls is the same. All were broken off from the unconditional love of Source and, being such a piece, have all of Source’s powers and abilities. You don’t remember this at first when you come into a body, and some never become aware during a lifetime if it involves mostly negativity. That does not change who they really are – a piece of magnificent, all-loving Source energy.

Earth, with its duality, is governed by ego judgment; everything is rated, graded, and judged. Spirituality, where all souls are essentially perfect and unconditionally loving, contains no judgment. Souls come to Earth either to experience evil themselves or to witness it being demonstrated by others so that they may not have to exercise it themselves.