Current societal happenings

QUESTION: Masters, could you give us some light about the big refugee problem in Europe. Why is it happening (in spiritual sense)? I’m worried about European people getting restless and there are lots of hints of the same kind of hatred toward refugees which Jews witnessed here during WWII. The negative atmosphere is saddening and somewhat scary. ~Sini, Finland

And similarly:

Masters, I am puzzled and concerned about the upsurge of violence being organized by some followers of the Muslim faith, is this one of the happenings that we can only understand when much time has passed and we have learned lessons from it? ~Vivienne, England

Answer: Many things are occurring on the Earth at this time. People are more aware of them than they have ever been in your history because of the ease of communication. The accuracy of this dissemination varies depending on the reporters and how “sensational” they wish to make the reporting.

The planet is an equal mix of negative and positive energies. There are pockets of awakening and enlightenment cropping up that are almost completely positive in nature. That allows the negative energy to gather in other places and thrive.

The patches of negative energy are held together by groups of people who see themselves either as saviors of the world (or at least their belief systems) or as proponents of salvation for the planet. There are also those who feel they have been persecuted and seek revenge for their people, their nation, or their religion.

The movement of those who find they can no longer live in their former homeland, because it is not safe for them to do so, will continue as long as there are those who force their beliefs on others. Some of the dissidents find it easy to hide among these refugees and relocate to areas they wish to disrupt.

This is a recurring cycle upon the planet. After every war, ideologists have taken advantage of the chaos. In each of the aforementioned groups are souls who have chosen to experience the various roles the current conditions allow. You may get caught up in the third-dimensional panic of the situation or become an observer. Witness what is happening and send out the intention that each soul experiences what it needs for its soul journey.