What stops hypnosis?

QUESTION: Masters, why are some people not hypnotizable even though they want to be? What could be done to help such people to increase their chance of having a regression experience? ~Anonymous UK

ANSWER: Hypnosis is nothing more than a guided meditation with subjects who are able to shut off their thinking, interfering, conscious mind to follow down a path as directed. While people will always say they want to be hypnotized, they unconsciously fear giving up what they perceive as control of their life. Some of this comes from having watched stage hypnotists where subjects are made to bark like dogs or act like apes.

Most of the time when subjects presents themselves to the hypnotist, they claim it is for one purpose; then, when going through pre-talk, it is discovered they need to resolve some other issue before they can proceed as requested. Strong willed, controlling individuals find it very difficult to get out of their own heads. They need to be in control and, unconsciously, cannot relax and let another control their thinking.

To assist such people to prepare for a hypnotic procedure, such as a past-life regression, the practitioner must inspire confidence and trust. During several meetings before the procedure, the practitioner should relax the clients with music, meditation, and then pleasant visualizations of places with which they are familiar and in which they feel safe.

Be sure the clients have not consumed caffeine or mood-altering drugs prior to any session. Even an overdose of nicotine from chain smoking will interfere.

Begin any session with taking clients to their safe place and then, proceeding back in time, innocuously asking about changes in their place. If they are peaceful and relaxed, begin to take them to a place in the past where they can learn something useful about their current life. Once they have had a comfortable experience in their past, they will be able to easily return.