Interconnected lessons

QUESTION: Masters, my mother has always been a cold, negative, self-centered, emotionally distant person. The only person she ever seemed to really care about was herself. This did not change after a traumatic brain injury almost 20 years ago. Now she sits alone in a nursing home with very few visitors. I do not speak to her nor do I feel sorry for her but I wonder about her purpose in this life. Is she learning what she came here to learn? ~Lmg, USA

ANSWER: Your mother had very basic lessons for this lifetime about love, hate, self-confidence, self-worth, and sharing with others. Her whole life has been lived in fear that she would be discovered as being worthless. Her early life was a constant message of not being good enough and not being loved.

When she met your father she thought she could change the way people saw her. She didn’t know how to do this, so she decided to go it on her own by existing in the midst of everyone else. She did only what she had or was forced to do for others, and the rest of her existence consisted of her alone.

She does not know what love is and definitely does not know how to love anyone else. She cannot sense or feel emotions, so everything is black and white with no dimensions.

Many of her lessons have been combined with things you wished to learn. Love is a big lesson of yours, as is taking back your power from those who want to take it from you. Understanding that the only soul you have responsibility for is yours allows you to not feel guilty about the choices she made and your lack of a need to maintain contact with her.

She has not succeeded in completing most of her life lessons so she will have to decide to do them again in another life and another fashion. This was one of her first times down here to Earth so she had little experience in working through her lessons.

Thank her for the opportunity she has given you to learn from observing and dealing with her. Love her soul for the fact that it chose to come at all and work with what were difficult lessons for her.