Be careful what you wish for

QUESTION: Masters, I’m having a hard time opening my third eye. I feel like a tsunami of negativeness is overwhelming my senses. I know it’s not mine but it is difficult to deal with. I feel like as I was able to see the aura and it was wonderful, now I can see negativity and it is awful. Also I can see holes in people. It is very disturbing. But I can see now that seeing holes is a way of helping people to cope. Is it real? Am I getting it right? Because I am very disturbed even knowing it is mediumship approach… help me… I need understanding.. ~Vania, Brasil

ANSWER:  It is important for you to define exactly how you anticipate that the opening of your third eye is going to benefit you. Everyone has an individual experience in connecting with dimensional energy beyond the third-dimensional dual energy from Earth.

Your ability to see auras and holes in people comes from connections outside of your physical body, and the reception comes through the workings of the third eye. Seeing both negative and positive is part of the process.

You bring to yourself what you need to experience. That said, all the negativity is coming to you, and at you, so you can recognize it and learn how to block it from interfering in your life.

There are a number of very negative people with whom you associate, and they bring along their junk when they are with you. Talking about negative things also brings the energy. Stop interacting with people out of habit, and always ask yourself if they serve a purpose of helping you learn lessons. If they do not, don’t waste time and take a negative beating from them.

Change your life so that you protect yourself from the dark by covering yourself in white, protective light. Get rid of negativity and judgment. You do not need an ego to lead a spiritual life. Stop thinking about things using the mental teachings in your head. Feel with your heart powered by unconditional love.

The information you are receiving is a form of mediumship, which is nothing more than allowing your unconscious higher self and your guides to offer suggestions to you for your benefit and for the benefit of those you assist. With all information, regardless of the source, follow and use it only if it resonates with your soul.