Will service make me feel good?

QUESTION: Masters, I feel very connected to the spirit world. When I am studying, reading, or just talking about intuition or spirit world I feel Sense of confidence, happiness and joy. I wonder at times is this my path? I would love to help people around the world within a spiritual way. Giving them hope that there is more to life than the world we all live in now. Can I ask is this my path? What is my path if not? I love to help others and to make a difference in people’s lives in a big way but not sure how to do that. Can you guide me to the direction to take? ~Shawna, US

ANSWER: What you have experienced that makes you feel confident, joyful, radiant, and happy is the unconditional love that is the embodiment of Source energy. The times you sense this state are when you are out of ego judgment and becoming aware of sitting back and evaluating what this Earth-living is all about.

The main purpose souls come to Earth is to try to find and remember the essence of the unconditional love they are when not in the duality there. As you study and become more aware of the positive nature of spiritual energy, you will spend more time in these feelings. This has nothing to do with whether you help other souls along their paths.

You have an ability to help others as they are drawn to your energy and personality. You may assist them along their spiritual route or with their human life lessons so they may move on to working on themselves as souls. You should look into counseling of some type as an occupation. Women with low self-confidence and self-esteem would benefit the most from your enthusiasm about life.

Even if you choose not to get the necessary education required for a certification, sharing your feelings about choosing to get out of negativity and selecting positive attitudes and associates will help many. Stop making your future look so difficult. The universe will bring to you what you need to learn and help others to find you to assist them. Live though your heart and stop analyzing with your head.