Concern for father

QUESTION: Masters, My father had been involved with a woman that could be classified as a gold-digger, involved in frauds maybe even laundry money. She only uses him because of money and status. They had a child and then dragged him into debt. She caused black magic to be performed against us. After a silent “war” of almost 6 years between our family and her, she left him and their child for another man, I thought we were finally free and my dad was flourishing! To our dismay, last weekend she went back to live with him and played the repentant card and my brother said that they seem to be getting back together. I understand soul lessons but my human side is very worried and desperate as my brother is struggling to pay for uni and she is living off my father since she refuses to get a job. I don’t know what to do. ~NM, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Each person on Earth is a soul having a human experience that it chose before coming. Your father pre-determined the lessons he wished to face and it is his journey to figure out how to work with them to learn as much as he can. You and the others involved knew what was coming and desired to find out whether you could deal with it as a spiritual lesson or be kept in negativity with fear, anger, jealousy, and the desire to control others.

The best thing to do is to be true to yourself. You and your brother should be open with your father about your concerns for his welfare. Condemning her to him will serve no purpose but to alienate him from you. While she is a very negative and manipulative being, she is not involved actively in black magic. You have spooked yourself with fears of things you don’t understand.

Your father loves you but he also has feelings for this woman. His money is his own to do with what he wishes. Your brother should try to get a commitment regarding his uni fees if your father is willing – but he has no obligation.