The spirits around us

QUESTION: Masters, I recently started taking photos of orbs at my home. I then began to take videos. I was amazed to see hundreds of orbs zooming around within a minute! So is this phenomenon happening all the time, all around us? Or is there something specific happening to me or to my home? ~AJ, US

ANSWER:  Spirits in the nonphysical dimension do not have shells, bodies, or coverings. When concentrated in one place they gather together in a spherical form and appear; they are sometimes visible to the eye, but generally need to be observed via digital media. This phenomenon is what people call orbs. Since there are billions of souls, a majority of which are not incarnate at any one time, they are literally all over the place.

Just as with anything else on your physical plane, in order to for you to see it, it has to be a part of your illusion. You must accept that they exist in order to see them. Non-believers will see them on their photos and call it glare, reflections, or dust particles. Some souls even play with the cameras so that they do not record the vibrations in the air that betray their presence.

Spirits may choose to go anywhere. When something interesting is occurring or someone is calling them or desiring to catch their image, they may flock to the location. If they don’t want to be seen, or are not sure how someone will take to their being there, they may hide just out of sight.

Your house is a welcoming environment for them because they make you happy and they enjoy your positive energy. They can be silly and enjoy buzzing around you and seeing you laugh. When you populate an area with positive energy and restrict negativity, they come in droves. It is possible to get some to come when you call them if they have nothing else they want to do at that time.

As with any exciting thing, word gets around. Once some have come and felt comfortable at your house, they tell others who may want to come and sample the party atmosphere. Your personal guides occasionally show themselves to you as orbs. Deceased relatives and friends who have returned home may visit you in this form as well. Don’t forget to thank them for coming and invite them back if you want them to return.