What am I accomplishing?

QUESTION: Masters, I am trying to now focus on sending unconditional love to every creation of the creator along with forgiveness, gratitude and blessings. Dear messengers, are these reaching the ones they are meant to reach?  Am I effectively offloading luggage from all previous births so they do not obstruct my spiritual progress? Am I communicating effectively with my soul or is the ego self sometimes coming in the way and distorting answers coming from the self? ~Gopika, India

ANSWER: Do you think you can buy your way out of the life lessons you need to learn by sending love to others who may never have entered into any kind of a contract or dealing with you? No soul has any obligation to another, so there is no one in particular your energies have to reach. An incarnation is a singular journey that a soul undertakes to learn things about itself. Start with increasing your love of self and dealing with all the fears and doubts that arise daily in your life.

It is impossible to “offload” incomplete lessons by graciously conveying love to others. Prior “luggage” is something that has to be unpacked so that you confront the issues themselves and do not just throw out the package without dealing with the lessons. Spiritual progress is going inside and examining what makes you feel uncomfortable—those are remaining lessons from this life and past lives.

Ego is something that is always around while you are still in a human body living in the third-dimensional world. When you do as much thinking as you have lately while trying to figure out how to move ahead, your ego has been doing the directing. Ego is judgment and you are judging where you are and what you have to do.

It is time to go into your heart completely and start feeling your way to answers and progress. Don’t judge; start evaluating if there is any fear or doubt associated with your journey.