QUESTION: Masters, in my early 20’s I began using cocaine, by my mid 20’s between 25 and 34 I was suffering…. I was smoking cocaine and I was very confused and had no idea what to do because no matter what I did I continued and it was like I was on automatic pilot… it stopped in 1994. It was like someone shut off the faucet. 16 years later I started using again. I have lost everything, I have a wife and daughter and still I go off for days at a time. This lifetime has not been easy, what is it I am supposed to be learning? How do I get help from the guardian angels to fight and defeat this spirit that comes over me with this addiction? ~Shaun, US

ANSWER: During the time you were free of your “devil” you were thinking clearly and living in the moment, taking responsibility for your life and actions. That was the only time in this life you have been in that state. There is no spirit outside of you that is causing you to act as you do; it is inside. It is your denial that you can make the choice to live without your addiction.

It is so easy to be addicted. All your cares go away and you exist in a state of oblivion. You don’t have to take responsibility for anything. It is a totally selfish existence. You now have decided you can get out of your predicament by getting help from guardian angels to defeat this spirit you blame. But you are the only one who can make the choice to change your life—and you can do it.

You have never been able to love yourself, so it is easy to abuse yourself. You will not be able to do anything that requires discipline until you love yourself enough to go through the pain of withdrawal and of admitting that you have allowed all your problems. You are weak and have never thought you were good enough to go through life without being numb. You can’t stand the pain so you hide behind the drugs.

You are a soul who was broken off from Source with all the same abilities to create and manifest as Source. Create a world for yourself, you beautiful, magnificent being. Find the love within that will empower you to be and do whatever is needed to return to that one time in your life when you were really living. Start today, right now!