Limited emotions

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain how and why souls choose to only bring to the physical realm a limited capacity to feel emotions? Is this part of their prior contracts before incarnating that helps them fulfill life lessons? ~Robyn, Australia

ANSWER: Every soul comes into the Earth plane with different plans. To fulfill those plans some need to have limited emotions, some none at all, and some over-whelming emotions. It is impossible to compare one’s emotions with anyone else’s because it may be a choice to have all your lessons presented to you in emotional terms.

We have repeatedly said that the way you know your life lessons is by the situations that present themselves to you as your fears and doubts. To some, fear generates very emotional reactions, and to others it is a physical sensation. Following those energies back to the point of origin in order to understand your lesson is the key.

When we talk about using or following your feelings to understand your life lessons, we are not talking about emotions. Emotions are the physical reaction to something happening in your body, mind, or spirit. They come into your conscious physical awareness without your having to ask for them. Feelings are the awareness of all the energies that have occurred in this lifetime and others.

To use your feelings to understand and gain the knowledge of your life lessons, ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? or Where did this feeling come from? This opens the door into the unconscious area where energy is stored that is not part of your everyday consciousness.