Observing growth

QUESTION: Masters, I seem to be moving into the Light. It’s been a long, bumpy and at times frightening journey, but I have come to recognize that all experience is learning, planned and thus good. I try to stay in the Now and only create the positive. I feel different—more peaceful, calm in a long process of guided healing and clearing. As my vibration rises am I getting to be more like my Soul Essence? I imagine my Soul to be the energetic sum total of all my existences, human and otherwise and to have an overview on all, with central core energy. My guidance seems to have been by intuition and synchronicity. It’s a tantalizing thought process and really entwined with the hope that I am indeed healing. ~Rex, England

ANSWER: Welcome to the soul’s human odyssey. Everything that you have experienced and are feeling is part of the process of enlightenment leading toward ascension. You are ridding yourself of the heavy, third-dimensional negativity and sensing the lightness of the presence of positive love energy. This can only be done when you are present in the “now” since it is only there that you can truly see everything available to assist your journey.

Your core essence is the unconditional love energy of Source of which we are all composed. This is not a physical material sensed with the physical senses, but a non-physical presence felt with the paranormal abilities the soul possesses. When you open to the flow of the universe, you tap into this river of energy you perceive with and as intuition and manifestation. A lot of what you are calling synchronicity is actually things you have manifested in order to have the experience. Great workkeep going.

What you are calling “healing” is actually two things. It is the balancing up of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. You are placing them in order so they may clarify your path for you. It is also the completion of lessons, both from this lifetime and previous, which enlarges your degree of awareness of the whole process, allowing awareness of yourself and your many abilities.

You will find it even easier to progress if you stop thinking and analyzing and just be.