Cats and feelings

QUESTION: Masters, a few days ago, I put my cat to sleep. He was 16 years old, male, a devoted pet, loving and sweet. The last few years he was sickly and needed a lot of medication and attention from me. I feel my other cat, a Siamese girl, was hurt that she wasn’t the top cat. She never liked the other cat. She started pooping on the carpet, only using the litter box for urination. I don’t know if this behavior was in reaction to me, the smell from a sick animal, or something else. I have talked to her reassuringly, especially now that she is our only pet. I have also tried contacting my cat that passed away asking him for help with her behavior and to give me a sign that he hears me. Please advise me what to do with her from now on. ~Jeanne, USA

ANSWER: Your Siamese is a very strong-willed animal. She is still hurting from what she thought was a shunning by you. When you gave so much attention to your male, she felt you were expressing your preference for him. She was trying to get your attention with her misbehavior. It’s not that she didn’t like the other cat but that she was jealous. He also did not want to share you with her.

She will gradually come back to trusting you but is not ready at this time. Neither of these cats has a soul, but are both empowered by sparks of life energy. They respond to human interactions and the sensing of emotions. She feels you are mourning your male and she fears he will return and again push her out of your affection.

The energy of your male would not be able to help you with her. He is still around the house, which she can feel, and that complicates her trying to reunite with you. You need to restore yourself as the head cat in the house. You need to be very consistent with your treatment of her, and do not tolerate continued misbehavior. Remove from the house any toys of the male and bring in a new interactive toy for you and her.