Mind plays strange tricks

QUESTION: Masters, I feel so drawn towards a friend. It has been a sudden change of feelings. After so many years, I have fallen for a friend and my intuition says that my friend could be feeling the same about me. I just want to know why do I feel so strongly about my friend and is it possible for us to pursue a romantic relationship? Is it obsession or a case of misunderstanding the other’s motive? Should I express my desire or should I wait for my friend or should I simply move on? Please guide me. ~Vaishnavee, Singapore

ANSWER: Stop dreaming. You are lonely and feel you need to have a partner and your friend looks like a candidate. Your friend is just that—a friend. All your “feelings” in this case are wishful thinking. Romance is the default situation with all souls in physical bodies. You feel cheated that you are not in a relationship. You are envisioning yourself with all the possibilities including this friend whom you know so well and with whom you feel comfortable. That makes dreaming seem safe with a lower chance of rejection.

Unless feelings are expressed, it is impossible for either of you to understand what the unstated sensations between you mean. Things are not in any position for you and your friend to enter a romantic relationship. Once you thought there might be some feelings coming from that direction, your intense longing for a partner turned your interest into an obsession.

If you feel you need a relationship so desperately, send out a clear message to the universe with a description of the ideal companion. You will be able to manifest an appearance in your life by your clear signals. You doubt your own abilities to bring someone special into your life. You are a magnificent, all-powerful soul; start having your desires read and responded to by being very clear in your intentions.