The whole package

QUESTION: Masters, I’m consciously trying to create a balance between all of my being. Bodyregular physical exercise, Mindread and assimilate as much as I can, Spiritconnecting to Spirit resulting in inspirational philosophy. The only area out of balance is my working life. My continued efforts at getting a job have been so far fruitless. I would be very thankful for you to share your wisdom with me on this area of my life.                ~Sarah-Elizabeth, UK

ANSWER: When people are in total balance, there is an integration of the learning and they start living the lessons they have studied. From what you say about your daily regime, you are only concerned about getting the knowledge and not developing it into a way of life. A spiritually balanced life blends well with all the other people on the planet and assists one in going with the flow of the universe.

If you are truly balanced, what you need to experience will be drawn to you—including the way to make a living so you may proceed with your life’s studies. You are a very powerful soul who has the ability to manifest that which you need. When you don’t have a sense of yourself in relationship to the rest of the physical world, you spin out of control and don’t make any contact with others.

Your purpose in this lifetime is to get to know your inner essence—the energy contained in your soul. That is an individual pursuit. You obtain your cues to the lessons you have not completed by the indications you receive from those with whom you interact. Your working life is a major place to obtain this valuable information.

One personal life lesson includes procuring employment. The ease of securing a job is related to your self-image. When you apply for a position, your résumé and your interview transmit your energy. How confident are you? How well do you think you will perform in the workplace? Hesitancy and lack of confidence tell the prospective employer, “I don’t think I am ready for this position.”