About Peter


Nothing but the truth

Truth is very important to me. Truth about war. Truth about religion. Truth about myself and other people. Now I’m working with a psychic, writing books channeled from the Other Side. Where’s the truth there?


Let me start with truth about war. I lived in Britain all through World War II. For a young boy it was a big adventure. The Nazis’ bombs just missed us on two nights. I dreamed about serving in the military but when I was 18, I read Jesus and decided it was better to be a pacifist. So as a conscientious objector I worked in a London hospital instead of the army. Later on I became one of the leaders of the British peace movement, always questioning—life, faith, even pacifism. In 1981, I wrote a novel (a thriller), Escape to Danger (published just before 9/11), to explore questions concerning conviction, cowardice, and courage.

Next, religious truth. My father, a Methodist minister, was a sincere Christian who looked to find ever more light and truth in the gospel. Like many teenagers I rebelled, but came back to follow Jesus the teacher. I had real doubts concerning the Church’s claim that he was the divine Son of God, but I put them aside when first I entered the ministry. Doubts tend to grow, however, and eventually I left the Congregationalists and became a Unitarian Christian who followed Jesus as a great human teacher. In Training for the Marathon of Life I wrote about his core teaching to express my high regard for his incisive words.

Seeking the truth about people included learning painful lessons about my relationships with others, and my own lack of self-worth. That search for truth finally led to a joyful discovery of the Masters of the Spirit World. They gently taught me about our souls’ repeated incarnations on planet Earth, and the incredible detail that goes into that cosmic process. It should always be very hard for people to say they have The Truth about life fully in their grasp, but I feel that truth about our souls never shone so brightly for me as it does today, thanks to the Masters.

As a writer, my work for the Masters includes helping to bring out a series of books, starting with the little volume Healing with the Universe, Meditation, and Prayer, followed by the trilogy Dialogues with Masters of the Spirit World, and leading toward their definitive spiritual study The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook: Journey of the Soul. I have also written two little Conversations, one about Birth and the other about Death.

Talking to famous people of the past has been challenging. They have ranged from Pope John XXIII to Adolf Hitler and Louis Armstrong, and from Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa to Sharon Tate and Marilyn Monroe. These are awesome books to have written. I invite you to discover the truth that is contained in them.