Accepting and opening

QUESTION: Masters, lately I have been searching and thinking on how and where to begin my spiritual journey. I have attended several talks and have read several books about elemental beings, angels, spiritual guides, shamanic practice, Wicca, and “Conversations with God”. I also want to heal, and I signed up for an Angelic Reiki seminar. Ever since I started reading these books, especially the ones about angels, I think I can feel them more around me and guiding me. I get a tingly sensation around my face and body when I think of them or talk to them in my mind. I don’t hear any answers in my head but I really do feel like they are there. Am I just imagining this? I need your advice on where to begin. Is the Reiki course a good start for me?  ~Angie, Singapore

ANSWER: We have entitled your question and our answer as “accepting and opening.” From the day your soul entered into the physical body that you now call home, you have been on a spiritual journey of discovery and learning. As with all souls, the first years of your life were involved with the completely ego-based physical lessons you sought to understand. As you became more aware of the fact that you are much more than that physical body, you felt the urge to learn who you are and what abilities and powers you have at your disposal.

The more you open yourself to the feel of the energy that comprises the universe around you, the more you can sense, feel, and interact with all the other souls who are not currently in human form. Your guides and many friends make up this group that accompanies you. They are ecstatic about your progress in establishing contact with them. Their presence is what you feel.

You are an older soul who has lived many lifetimes. A number of your prior experiences have dealt with various areas of healing, hence your being drawn to those interests. Whatever you choose to study, accept that you are a part of the energy and open yourself to the flow you will be able to feel. Don’t get too tied down by ritual—rely instead on your intuition which is opening up. Have a fun time!