Out of body experience

QUESTION: Years ago I was seeking spiritual wisdom. At an intense time in this search I had the most awe-inspiring dream. My guide came to get me and we were watching the most beautiful naked woman with long hair draped around her. She was suspended in mid-air, arms reaching upwards and rotating slowly clockwise. She was being bathed in an opalescent, sparkling light, and she looked so at peace.  I turned to my guide to ask about the meaning in this exercise, and in a flash I became the woman who was before us. The light energies danced and penetrated my body. I watched and felt pure bliss, being filled with a love so strong that it is something I will never forget. The meaning of this experience truly evades me, but the experience never will. Is there a higher meaning in this experience?   ~Teddy, Canada 22/x

ANSWER: Welcome to the feel of the universe! Energy is everything and everything is energy. All the energy outside of the physical is Source energy, existing in a realm of unconditional love. When a soul spends time out of its body, in its true state, it is surrounded by that unconditional love. There is absolutely no negativity here. No fear, darkness, nor even doubt!

Your physical senses were being exposed to the sensations of your essence. Normally, while between lives, you do not have a form (body), but it was feared you would freak out if your consciousness perceived you as a mass of energy without form. The transition from observer to participant was also calculated to ease you into that state. Another learning experience was that you live some lives in a gender other than your current one.

The entire exercise was to try to awaken a sense of the essence of self as you truly exist. This is still a lesson being played out, as you have not allowed yourself to accept the possibility that this was an actual experience and not just a dream. The soul is free to travel easily to any locale or dimension when the shell (body) is in a sleep—or even just a relaxed—state.

Allow yourself to return to that experience in a meditation, or just as you go to sleep or awaken. Embrace all of the energy around you. Reach out in that state for the other souls who are there. They are just part of the overall energy. Establish communication with them and learn about that state of being. You will definitely not regret the time you spend.