Welcome, fellow souls. We recently tagged along with our channel (Toni) as she attended a seminar in Virginia, and we were delighted in the spiritual openness of the other participants. We found it fun that one of their nightly activities was to search for energy orbs. For you who have never noticed one before, it is the earthly pattern that we take when we are visiting in your time and dimension and don’t bother to formulate what approximates to a physical body.

What we appear to be is a sphere that shimmers. Some souls form recognizable faces within the sphere while others spend their time sending out geometric figures, which is one of our means of communication. If an area contains happy or very spiritual energy such as may be caused by energy healing, meditation, chakra balancing, etc., we come for enjoyment and to share with the human beings there.

A few souls who have the ability to see auras will be able to see us out of the corner of their eyes. We are most easily seen in digital camera images because our energy vibration registers in the pixels. Regular film is not as sensitive and will rarely detect us. As guides we are around you all the time, and this is one way you may be able to verify our existence if you really need to do so.

We feel like saying “Tag, you’re it!” Catch us if you can.

In love, light, and plenty of laughter,
The Masters of the Spirit World