Creating happiness

Hello, fellow souls! We notice that many of you seem to be feeling down right now. Don’t you know that it’s easy to be happy and bubbly? Don’t you want to enjoy life and have fun? It’s all up to you.

There are three easy steps to being in a good mood and feeling great all the time. First, you must create an environment where you think happy thoughts. When you are remembering the best times you have ever experienced, you can’t be unhappy, so any time you feel yourself getting depressed take the time to relive the best possible experience you remember having had. Bring that happiness forward into the present.

Second, act as if you are happy even when you don’t feel like going into the past and the present is bugging the bejeebers out of you. Every time you meet someone in a store, on the street, or in an elevator, greet them pleasantly and wish them a glorious day. You will find it impossible to remain a sourpuss yourself when you’re busy cheering up someone else.

And third, walk away from negativity. When your coworkers are in the lunchroom gossiping about another employee or criticizing them, walk away. Do not stay in that negative area—and please, never participate.

When you live your life by these three steps you will find your bubbly, happy self which has always been just under the surface. You will notice that you have much more energy—it burns up much more of your energy to be gloomy and hateful than to smile and laugh.

Live in love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World