Gentle guidance

QUESTION: Masters, in a recent dream I was visited by a man I believe was a guide, his message was clear. That if I don’t take advantage during this window of time (job change), that I will miss out and be headed where I am going. I asked what I should be looking for as I am lost on my career path and I woke up. I haven’t yet discovered what I truly love to do or am passionate about. I understand we have free will, what messages do the masters have that would help steer me in the right direction. ~Randi, USA

ANSWER: This was one of your regular guides. You have been stuck at a crossroads and are not proceeding in any direction. Your guides are trying to get your attention to remind you that if you don’t move, if you don’t take a chance on a change, nothing at all is going to happen. They are not trying to tell you what to do. They are just giving you a gentle little nudge to get you off the starting line.

It doesn’t really matter which way you go, just that you move. Right now, you are hesitating to make any changes because you want to know the answer to what will happen before you take the plunge and begin something new. That is not the way it works, because your future is determined by the choices you make as you proceed.

You can’t connect with your passion until you meet it on the road of activity. You unconsciously direct yourself toward what you desire to achieve; you just have to be totally open to seeing and feeling it when you are there. A passion is something that draws you through life and something you want to do all the time.

A passion will creep up on you one day and just be there. But you can miss it at first if you have expectations about how you think you should feel. Just relax and live in the moment, allowing your senses to integrate everything around you.

Your free will comes into play because you make the choices of what you want to be exposed to so you can see if it triggers that passionate feeling within. It may be a way of connecting with people, a job producing a certain reaction, or a renewed sense of purpose in life after a period of nothingness. Just enter the flow of the universe and be aware of what is passing you by.

Never be afraid to change direction if the opportunity arises, and you will have exposure to new and interesting options never before experienced. Remember, spiritually you are a soul having a human experience, and everything occurs for learning what resonates, delivering knowledge and wisdom. Nothing is right or wrong.