The soul and chakras

QUESTION: Masters it is fairly accepted that the soul exits through the crown chakra, and I believe does so by the quantum physics principle of Pair Annihilation. Positron(s) and electron(s) collide and a Photon(s) is(are) created. Hence our true state is pure photon energy again and we boogie back to our spirit state and level we came from. I’m pretty sure we enter the human by the reverse process of ‘pair addition’. We initially settle in the Pineal Gland. BUT when we enter the human somewhere between 4th month and 8th month I doubt chakras exist yet. Do we enter initially thru the Crown? Chakras are an energy network (as is our soul) aligned along the spine and also controls our external energy field and human aura. So big question!! Does our soul create and assist the chakra energy field which then of course communicates with The ALL (Source)? ~Sam, USA

ANSWER: You are stuck in a need to explain the unexplainable. It is impossible to describe the spiritual realm using only the concepts of the physical phenomena demonstrated within the duality of planet Earth. It is said within the scientific community that it is possible to substantiate whatever ideas you have from somewhere within the vast network of workable theories. But those theories rely on physical factors, not nonphysical, unreproducible exercises.

The soul, which you have doing various steps in your theory, is not a self-contained entity. The soul is amorphous energy that wills itself to be wherever it chooses to be. It can be in front of you one minute, disappear, and be in Siberia the next. Or it can split itself into particles and be present in multiple locations simultaneously. It is sentient with an unending intellectual aspect, which the photons and electrons you speak of are not.

Every soul has total freedom of choice, so when and how they choose to animate their chosen body is up to them. Some souls enter the body shortly after conception and some just immediately prior to coming through the birth canal. They slide into, or merely appear within, the organs of the body that need to function in order for the body to be viable.

Chakras are an expansion of the soul’s energy reaching out to the nonphysical world to maintain contact. The kundalini is aligned alongside the spine; the chakras are positioned in places to aid various bodily systems such as heart, throat, solar plexus, etc.

Another energy field around a body, where a soul is in residence, is the Merkaba or light body. It consists of two counter-rotating tetrahedrons. These are controlled via intention during meditation and, when fully activated, can be used as a vehicle to travel between dimensions. Some people use them as a means of ascension.

What you believe is what creates your reality. You have total freedom of choice – so go with what beliefs resonate with you the most at any one time, and don’t be afraid to change them when they no longer serve you.