Soul travels

QUESTION: Masters I’m a 15-year-old boy who has always been very connected to the spiritual world, masters and dimensions. I’ve always had a scary but good experience every time I could connect to and see other dimensions and other beings that are not from here. Although I like all the experience I had, I want to know more. I would like to know how I can activate the ajna chakra (the third eye). I would like to learn more about spiritual and dimensional trips and would like to experience them while having control of everything I’m doing. ~Arthur, Brazil

ANSWER: What you seek is a combination of out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, and astral projection. These are topics that have been studied by mystics for centuries. The modern-day information mostly surrounds materials by Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, and Joseph McMoneagle. Monroe even founded a school to learn and practice such experiences. It is The Monroe Institute in Virginia in the US. McMoneagle and Buhlman give classes there.

Opening the third eye, while expanding one’s vision into any vibrational area, is not a necessary prerequisite to participating in any of the above techniques. If you practice one or more of them, you will find, as you gather control over where you are going and what you are doing, that your third eye will naturally become engaged.

The difficulty with the control aspect of life is making a distinction between ego-judgmental control and manifesting the result you want without judging what you have accomplished. All of these techniques take practice and develop slowly as you become comfortable with them. Not getting discouraged is very important. Also important is not having too stringent a set of expectations for what you can do in the beginning.

Pick a practice, learn everything that you can about it. Start doing exercises so that you are comfortable and have some control over your destination. Continue and expand your universe further and further from your comfort zone. Along the way, as you venture further and further, you will meet your spirit guides and those souls who remain in unconditional love. You will be able to talk to them and share their experiences.