Messages in sacred geometry

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been experiencing seeing energy at play. At first it was a beautiful golden honeycomb pattern. It’s developed into even more complex patterns. Imagine experiencing Van Gogh’s Starry Night in 3D with beautiful energy swirling around you. I also see Egyptian hieroglyphics come to life and acting out scenes and figures from Greek vases vibrant and kinetic. It is all so beautiful. It has become so complex that it can be difficult and tiring for my eyes to view, even though it really isn’t my eyes that see it. I love being an observer. But is there any intent behind what I view beyond the extraordinary beauty? ~AJ, US

ANSWER: One means by which the souls in the universe communicate is using the patterns that you are seeing and feeling. As a study, this is part of what metaphysicians refer to as sacred geometry. A simple pattern such as the symbol known as the flower of life tells the whole story of nonphysical being converted into physical.

When souls became physical / human they had some memories of their usual form of conveying information, and they used the representations to adorn early pottery, buildings, and written materials. Just as music can be a single instrument playing a melody or an orchestra filling the universe with complex harmonies, what you see is a number of variations on conversations.

Since you are in the physical element, you are only “seeing” the physical representations. The way to truly get the most out of your experiences is to clear your mind of preconceived notions and let yourself “feel” and be immersed in both what is visible and what is not visible.

You are entering into the dimension between physical and nonphysical, wherein also lie those souls who are available to assist humans. Ask them to help you understand what you are observing. Meditative states, where your mind is silent, will enhance the experience. Enjoy.