Alcohol, meat, and chakras

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know what are the effects of alcohol consumption (especially wine) and eating red meat to our chakras. Do they harm our chakras even if in small amounts? What are the consequences? Thank you very much for so much love you have for us here. ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: Chakras are energy vortexes that swirl around the human body from the nonphysical aspects of the physical body. They assist the flow of energy through the body, from the crown chakra at the top of the head, to the root chakra at the base of the spine. They interact with the pranic tube, the channel through which all your energy flows.

Many things can interfere with the flow of energy and with the rotation of the chakras.  When a chakra turns in a different direction from the rest of the chakras, it slows down the overall flow of energy in the body and causes diseases, lethargy, or blockages that impact the physical. Physical, mental, and emotional influences can balance the chakras.

The intention of the person has a lot to do with what effect various conditions have on the body. The most severe interference is tied up in a person’s belief system. If they believe that something, such as drinking or eating meat, will interfere with their body, then it does. There are no absolutes in human living. Some people can drink poison and not have it affect them if they truly believe that it will not, and others just think they will get ill and it occurs.

People can, however, also sabotage themselves. If they don’t want to have problems from consuming something, but unconsciously they think it will cause difficulties because they have heard others say that it will, it most likely will be dangerous for them.

As we said, there are no absolutes. Alcohol, be it wine, beer, or hard liquor, will not automatically harm a body or a chakra when consumed in moderation. Excessive use will have a tendency to unbalance the physical structure and cause damage. The same applies to animal products if they do not contain substances injurious to the physical body.

When consuming anything, you should monitor your body to see how the substance is received. If you believe it is beneficial or benign, it will be like any other nutritional supplement for the working body.