Energy awareness

QUESTION: Masters, The shift in consciousness to that of more loving kindness to one another seems to be growing and expanding at a rather quick pace compared to the past few hundred years (maybe thousands). Is it because the 5th Dimension, where you reside, is coming down to earth and in essence dissolving the 3rd Dimension duality of negativity? Are we getting to a place where we can exist on Earth in the form of pure positive energy? ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: All souls have freedom of choice on this planet, which is an equal division of positive and negative energy – or, as most say, good and evil. This includes the decision where to place yourself as you start your lifetime. Do you want to be in a place where negativity rules or where there is a pocket of positive-thinking and -acting souls around you? There is still just as much negativity in the world as there has always been.

Souls recognize the unconditional love of the Source and the universe at different times and in various ways. Occurring at this time is compartmentalization of good and evil. There are those who are searching for themselves in a spiritual plane and recognizing their inner essence of unconditional love. They choose to be with like-minded beings and congregate in certain areas that feel like the 5th dimension because judgment and ego are banned. You place yourself in this type of  environment.

There are just as many totally negative areas that are festering with destructive forces at this time. What you call terrorists, fanatics, and manipulators are all part of these ego-based, judgmental groups. They are having their way with the world and affecting the existence of all others who share the planet. The effect these negative people have upon you depends on how much energy you give to them in controlling the way you think and the fears you let them produce.

All souls bring to themselves that which they need to experience. If you need to judge between good and evil to learn a desired lesson, you will be in the middle of the event. If you wish to observe but not participate, you will evaluate what you observe but won’t judge. Continue to create that 5th dimension environment you identify with. Love yourself for making these choices, and exude your essential unconditional love toward those who join in your consciousness.