Duality and oneness

QUESTION: Masters, you say life is an experience of duality. Does that mean the afterlife is Oneness? How can one experience anything, even unconditional love, in a Oneness? Don’t you need duality to experience anything? ~Anoop, India

ANSWER: Human life, which is lived on Earth, is a duality of positive and negative energies. Earth is the only duality and was set up so that a soul might learn lessons by experiencing situations requiring that they make a choice as to the direction those events can take them.

Soul come into human life with no idea of who or what they are. They have amnesia about being pieces of Source with infinite abilities and the power to create, know everything, and bring that power into the human existence. Their purpose in coming is to face negative lessons and see if they learn enough to choose the positive, loving options available.

The nonphysical world at Home is nothing but positive, unconditional love. The term you use of “Oneness” is deceptive since it appears to imply that everything is the same, with no differences and no variety of experiences. Since you are not learning anything while Home, just examining what you have previously experienced, you have no choices to make about your next step, so you don’t need a negative alternative to perfection.

It is difficult for the human mind to grasp this concept fully because it can’t imagine a nonphysical existence not impacted by negativity. When the soul is “free floating” in the unconditional love of Source, and is able to use all the powers at its disposal, it can be anything it desires and be anywhere it wants. It does not have to choose between two states; it merely creates what it wants, and since it is in a positive love energy, its creation is of unconditional love.

“Oneness” has sometimes been considered to be the state in which a person has rejoined with his/her soul, and all the other existing souls, and ascended into the realm of Source’s unconditional love. The soul’s journey back Home is not a transition from physical to nonphysical but rather a shedding of the covering (the body) it has been wearing, and a returning to its true form.