Fear and procrastination

QUESTION: Masters. I keep experiencing obstacles whenever I want to start my work. I will get ill with flu, fever, cough and sore throat and it will take months to recover. What is the reason? Is my current job suitable for me? Will I ever experience the success I desire in my current job? If this job is not suitable, what line of work can I consider? Should I go back to engineering? What is the line of work that I am born to do? ~Worried, Singapore

ANSWER: Your body, with the assistance of your unconscious, is carrying out the thoughts you have about your job and your happiness. It is making you sick because you are therefore excused from doing your best – and sometimes from going to work at all.

While you are recovering from one of these “procrastination” illnesses, spend time in meditation. Contact your higher unconscious self and inquire what is going on with all this hesitation to continue living your life. You know you are unhappy; ask what is the reason.

Only you can determine what will make you happy. You do have the ability to accomplish anything you put sufficient energy into doing. You get discouraged, followed by lazy, and followed by hiding behind illness. You have completely depleted your immune system because your energy is drained off to fight your depression, sadness, and sense of defeat, so any passing bacteria or virus finds a welcoming, comfortable home.

You will never be able to succeed in your current job because you don’t think you can. This is sabotaging any progress you make. There is no one form of employment that a soul has planned for its trip to Earth. Part of the growth process is learning about yourself and the abilities you have.

Take a step back from your cold, hazy mind and see what feels exciting and enticing to you. Don’t be afraid to say that your current path is not serving you and it is time to move in another direction.