Mediumship experiences

QUESTION: Masters, I have spoken to cancer cells in mediumship. They told me that they are souls having a cell experience. I have also spoken to a plant based alien race called the Morphens and many other beings. Now while this sounds interesting I’m starting to think is my brain just making this up? It seems very flowing when I connect but how do I know it’s not just my ego? ~Kieran, UK

ANSWER: Have you meditated on your belief that cells of any kind have a soul? If this were true, the body would be a battleground of hundreds of souls exercising their freedom of choice regardless of what the rest of their body had decided.

Souls come to Earth to learn lessons by realizing they possess, and then using, freedom of choice. A typical lesson would be for a soul to have chosen to experience cancer and then accept having the power and ability to work through the associated lessons such as dependence, lack of control, ability to manifest, and power to restructure the DNA and cellular setup.

A soul may choose to be a human being, an animal of some sort, or even an occupant of another living space. The only time a soul ever chose to be a single cell was during evolutionary periods when the single cell underwent cellular division and then the solitary soul inhabited the entire structure.

You have spoken to some discarnates who find you egotistically gullible and have been having fun with you. They are aware of your intense desire to bring across important information and chose what they thought you would enjoy. You have also spoken with some souls who currently reside in what would be called alien bodies, but they are not spirits; they are souls having an alternative experience in a place other than a duality.

Before you begin any session, ask for communication only with beings of the light who will come through you for your highest and greatest good. When you have concerns, ask your spirit guides for validation.