Finding the flow

QUESTION: Masters I’ve lived a very structured life and I want to go with the flow more. I am ready to let loose more often and stop taking myself so seriously. But, I don’t know how and where to even begin. How do I become in tune with noticing the energies around me and how do I identify that energy? How do I notice the signs of what to open up to which will be positive for my soul’s journey? What is the difference between my imagination; meaning, what I want to believe in and, what is real; that I should follow or be open to? ~Maximiliana, USA

ANSWER: Behavior is determined by the belief systems you put in place to tell you what you should do based on what others have told you is correct. Structure is following your expectations of an outcome; it is very controlling behavior. It is necessary in certain positions in order to prevent chaos, but it doesn’t have to be a way of life.

When you are overly serious, you have the impression there is one, and only one, way to do things and you want to be right in your effort. Seriousness is the dominion of society’s ego, with judgment determining how you match up to everyone else. Everything is judged to be right or wrong.

“Being in the flow” is being a part of the pulse of life. It is feeling what you want to do, not thinking about what you should do based on others’ ideas. The “flow” is positive loving energy, while society is mostly negative competitive energy. The “flow” is stress free.

Start your journey by ridding yourself of as much judgment as you possibly can. Don’t think of things as right or wrong, just whether you want them in your life. Observe what others do – not judging, just evaluating if you wish to try what you see. Get rid of all expectations of the outcomes of your activities. When you start an activity, do it for the sheer fun or experience of the action.

Visualize yourself in balance with the universe, as a surf board floating peacefully on the ocean. Let yourself drift with the prevailing winds for they will direct you to things you wish, or need, to experience. Your soul, with the help of the universe, brings to you that which you desire to understand. The serenity you find yourself enjoying is the energy of the “flow.”

You create your own reality by the choices you make of the things and actions you want to be part of your life. At first you may need to imagine what you desire in your life until you have brought it to you; then reality takes over.

Set aside thinking and just feel. Don’t analyze – just live.