When is it time to move?

QUESTION: Masters, I think my job is done. I don’t feel good anymore. I want out of there. I think I’m ready to move on. Is it the best way for me to get stronger and start something new and by myself? I have new ideas coming, and that is new for my way of thinking about job. Am I ready to help others? Is there still some steps with my present job? Another case? I feel that I have left behind my problems and weakness in love. Why does it keep me waiting for so long time? All is very good now in my private life and feelings. Still something to learn? ~Mari, Finland

ANSWER: You create your own reality, so what you do and where you go are completely up to you. As long as you are in human form, there will be something more to experience and more from which to learn. You are the only one capable of evaluating your current position – whether you can acquire more from it or need a new environment.

You have not lived up to your potential yet, but it is all right if you want to stay a while longer as is. Look closely at your ideas as they are coming through and see how they feel to you.

You have helped others in past lives, and the knowledge is within you. Stretch out all your awareness to things around you. Feel what excites you and resonates within. Part of the life experience is sensing when it is time to let the old go and pick up the new.

Start to manifest through visualization that which you seek. You have been so busy working with your lessons that your personal life has stayed almost dormant. Time to reward yourself for all the good work you have done. Create what you truly want.