Are there language barriers with the Masters?

QUESTION: Masters, regarding your book Talking with Leaders of the Past, one leader, Adolf Hitler, did not speak English while on Earth. How was the language barrier overcome in the interview with Toni Ann Winninger?   ~Kevin, Malaysia

ANSWER: We are pleased that our books are creating spiritual questions as we had intended. First, you must look at the whole situation from the perspective of a soul and not from the limitations of a human. Souls, in their purest form, are nothing but energy, an amorphous cloud-like mass. They do not have languages, speech capabilities, or even a means to create sound. They communicate with vibrational energy sent from themselves to a receiver.

If the receiver is a human body, it may only translate the vibrations with capabilities within its own storehouse. The soul of Adolf Hitler did not use any particular language, as you understand them, to send the vibrational thoughts to Toni. The vibrations could be interpreted by Toni only within her range of knowledge. She is not fluent in German so the vibrations translated into English, which is her native tongue.

It is possible on some occasions for a non-physical to speak to a physical medium in a language with which the medium is not familiar. This can occur only if the non-physical energy comes down into the density of the Earth so that it is putting its human language into the mind or ears of the medium. Toni does not choose to use those means of contacting souls, but rather works almost exclusively with vibrational communications.