Organ transplants

QUESTION: Masters, can you answer some questions about organ transplants? Is it right or ethical to embrace the energy of the donor? If the recipient was supposed to die without the transplant, is it right to prolong the life “artificially” or is it acceptable on a spiritual level to accept this gift of life from another soul?   ~Nathalie, UK

ANSWER: Every soul brings to them self that which they wish to experience. If they have chosen to deal with the breakdown of their physical body and then having to deal with all the implications revolving around such a condition, that is how their life will look. If a family loses a loved one in some type of an accident that leaves most of the vital organs intact, one of the issues they have chosen to deal with is whether to allow parts of their loved one to go on living in the body of another.

Nothing is right or wrong. Having the ability to “artificially”, as you say, prolong the time spent in one lifetime, is all part of the initial plan envisioned before coming to Earth. Every aspect of a transplant scenario, on both sides of the transference, has a lesson involved.

A transplant does not just involve the donor and the recipient. It encompasses the transplant team, the families of both, and everyone who knows or comes into contact with the parties. For each individual, it creates different learning experiences ranging from grieve, relief, worthiness, their religious beliefs, accepted ethical implications to their own spiritually planned life.

These are personal lessons for each. They should be embraced, studied for the energies involved, and used to learn more about them self as a divine soul.