Automatic writing

QUESTION: I have been writing down thoughts that appear in my mind but feel very unsure in this authorship. From what I have read, I should have a sense of trust about all of this, but I can’t help wondering, and would really like to know, if I am producing “earthly” words, from within myself or from an outside source, real or false. I don’t want to fool myself or anyone else who happens to read the messages. How do I attain a better level, reducing distortion, so that I only deliver quality material? (Sylvia, Netherlands)

ANSWER: What you are doing is referred to as automatic writing and has been a means of communication between the physical and non-physical planes for many of your centuries. It has been used by deceased spirits, as well as angels and ascended masters, to convey messages and to assist those in human form.

What can impact your feelings about the authorship is the state of your mind while writing. Whenever you engage your own thought process while receiving material you are filtering it with your own preconceptions. The way to ensure a clear channel is to alter your mind in the same way you do to enter deep meditation. The majority of people can only receive definitive messages when they are in a trance state because it is impossible for them to completely divorce themselves from what is taking place.

What you have read about trust has to do with giving yourself over to the universe. All fear of the process must be removed. This can only be done if you are not involved in any way in the process except in the recording of the words which are forthcoming. If you follow the procedure of stepping aside, the messages cannot possibly be coming from you. As you begin to receive words from beyond, enter the intention that you receive only what is for the highest and greatest good.

The concern expressed about fooling yourself will arise if you are invested in the outcome of the communiqué. Accept the messages for what they are-the opinions of a non-physical entity. They do not have to agree with your concepts on the subject. Just reach out and feel what is there for you. People can be fooled only if they accept without question. If the message feels right to you, and applies to your life, embrace it; otherwise discard it.