Origin of energy

QUESTION: Masters, this morning I was feeling love from my heart and peaceful. I was surprised as I felt it was from outside myself but it permeated throughout me. Where did it come from and from whom was it sent? I love doing healing work and earth works with the grids. But feel maybe this is nearly finished. Do I have more to do and in what form as I feel changes are taking place within me. ~Rhonda, Australia

ANSWER: You have been able to tap into your essence of unconditional love. It is everywhere in the universe so it comes from within and without. It comprises everything that exists in the physical and non-physical worlds. The universal life force energy you have learned to use in your healing is this energy. Your Earth grid work is helping to balance this force uniformly across the planet.

The planet is going through a series of changes with the planetary alignment in your solar system. The population of the Earth is being affected by these forces and experiencing extremes of both positive and negative energies. It is beneficial to all to have lightworkers who can assist in the balancing of the energies.

What you are feeling is your physical body joining with, and acclimating to, the unconditional love. You now are in a fantastic place to be of assistance in helping others to reach the point you currently sense. You do have total freedom of choice so you may move on to something else if you choose, but you have worked so hard to get where you are. Think of the sensation of being in a group of like-minded individuals who can share and intensify the feeling you have sensed. It would be a massive healing circle wherein you and the world would all benefit.

Once you have experienced something, it is impossible to forget the sensations. You are only at the beginning of the changes that are going to impact the Earth. Think about staying in a position where you may enjoy the transition.