Energy Signatures

QUESTION: Hi, Masters – would you please tell me what orbs are?

ANSWER: An orb is a sphere composed of energy. In most cases, it is the Earthly pattern that souls (spirits) assume when they are visiting your current time and dimension and don’t want to bother with taking the effort necessary to construct a physical body.

The souls normally appear as shimmering spheres. They are generally white, or tinted silver or gold, but may be any color within the spectrum. Some souls have fun and form recognizable animal or human faces within the sphere, but others spend their time sending out geometric figures, which is one of our means of communication. Occasionally the energy will not be contained in a sphere but may take some other form or be vapor.

Orbs may be seen anywhere at any time. In an area that contains happy or very spiritual energy, such as caused by meditation, healing, toning, chakra balancing, or the like, we come for enjoyment and to share with the human beings present.

Some incarnate souls have the ability to catch sight of us out of the corner of their eyes. We do not photograph very well on regular film because it is not sensitive enough, but we show up beautifully on digital reproductions because our energetic vibrations register on the pixels.

As guides, and those desiring to offer whatever service we can, we are around you all the time. This is one way we can verify our existence to you-if you believe in the first place. If someone does not believe that we non-physical entities exist, we could tweak them on the nose and they would still deny our existence.

We often feel like saying “Tag, you’re it!” so catch sight of us if you can.