Is it psychic or not?

QUESTION: Masters, I feel very attracted to the idea of doing psychic readings for people, to give them guidance, but my partner is against this. I feel he is afraid of psychic phenomena because he doesn’t understand them. Is there a way I can help him to overcome his fear, or will he eventually overcome it himself? Would I have the ability to be a good psychic reader?

ANSWER: Your partner fears the unknown; he loves you deeply and wants to be able to see what is happening and to be able to protect the two of you from harm. He has seen too many programs and movies about evil, harmful spirits and he is afraid there is nothing that will protect you. He is completely closed off to feelings from outside that do not have an origin in a human or animal body. He has felt the energy of spirits but has always found another explanation for the experience.

One soul cannot change another unless that other wants to change. You may start an education process with your partner where you introduce him to some writings of fantastic occurrences between living people and free spirits (Ghosts). Gently let him see some material on past-life regressions that people have used to better their lives. The choice of what to include in one’s belief system is still up to the individual.

You are very aware of the moods of people and can judge where they are headed in their thinking. You can also see the obstacles that are right in front of them but they cannot see. Friends and others seek you out for advice because of your abilities, and this you equate with psychic ability. It is and it isn’t.

Intuition, being able to “feel” the energy of another physical being, is a psychic ability. This sense is a resonance between two physical bodies, yours and the sender’s. Being able to feel others does not mean you will be able to communicate with those in spirit form, nor even be able to pull thoughts from the unconscious¬† mind out of the ether.

Your ability to “read” relates to the state of where the person’s physical balance currently lies. You are excellent at counseling people to help them see their way. Use your abilities in this fashion and your partner will not know you are tapping into your intuition.