Hooked and ready to be reeled in

QUESTION: Masters, I have felt like my heart and mind have been in two different places for some time. When I asked a channeler about the strong connection I felt with someone in my life who is not my husband, they revealed that there are many fine strands emanating from his solar plexus chakra to my heart, and he is exerting his energy to make sure that I am still “in the picture” for when he may need me again. They asked him to allow my heart to move along in its natural evolution within this relationship. I am not saying the energy is one-way, but I am wondering how much my feelings for this person derive from this phenomenon and whether my feelings for him will evaporate if these strands loosen? I have never felt the heart and soul connection with my husband like I have felt with this person. Is this person conscious of what he is doing, and are some people able to “hook” people like this at will? ~Beverly, USA

ANSWER: Psychic connections are very real. They rarely, if ever, “pop up” on their own. They are intentionally created for selfish control by the one enforcing them. Your sense of connection to this man is completely because of the strands between the two of you. You did not have any say in the feelings you had for him because he is able to totally manipulate you through this connection. What you feel is what he wants you to feel.

It is exactly as you have been told: he is maintaining the connection to have you around if he ever wants to pull you in again and continue his use of you. Think of the strands as the strings of a puppet master. The marionette can do nothing to prevent the use to which its body is manipulated. It senses a connection to the puppeteer and only feels alive while the strings are being pulled. But the “life” is not real; it is a representation of the desire of the handler.

These feelings differ from what you have with your husband because he has never tried to control you and bend you to his will. What you felt with this other man was your energy being boosted by the addition of his direct attachment.

You have a choice. Take charge of your own life and discover your feelings from within, or let him maintain his control and be a slave to this connection. Neither is right or wrong. Choosing experiences is what the human existence is all about.