Separating from fear

QUESTION: Masters, I separated from the father of my children 8 months ago. I separated because of psychological and other abuse. My children and I have received no support from the social services as it was supposed, as their father is a lawyer and manages to cheat everyone. I try to keep myself in balance but I can get really scared for this psychopath as he keeps his aggression towards me. My energetic healer keeps telling me that I’m going to win. But still, as the children are just 1 and 5 years old, I can get scared that they become hurt because of their father’s selfishness and passion for revenge. How shall I deal with it? How can I protect my children? How can I drop this fear for my ex? How can I protect from the psychic attacks I know I keep getting from him? ~Tuva, Sweden

ANSWER: You need to remove yourself from fear. He still controls you while you are afraid of him. Your healer is correct. When you let go of the fear, he has lost and all will fall into place.

You choose what energies you have around you at all times. If you elect to have negativity, such as fear, you will be subjected to negative thoughts. If, instead, you choose to have positive thoughts around you of the love of your children and friends, you will find a shift into the positive energies of happiness and freedom.

The negative thoughts that he can implant in you, because of his position and contacts, only empower him to increase the control he already has. Letting go and seeing yourself in charge of your life breaks the power he can exert upon you. When he sees that you no longer think he is in control, he will lose interest and want to settle this whole situation to finish it and get it out of his way.

He is a bully, and because of his position most people allow him to continue. You do not have to permit his behavior. If you don’t acknowledge it or fight back, he will find you to be boring and give up trying to intimidate you. Go into a peaceful energy and wait a little while until he moves on to something else.