What if everyone knew?

QUESTION: Masters, if there were finally a global acceptance and understanding of the truth of the spirit world, life lessons, reincarnation and energy that your teachings and so many wise spiritual people are gradually bringing about in this time of spiritual revolution, and if unconditional love was taught to children by parents and in a values-based school curriculum and we all finally had open access to all the answers as to ‘Why’ and had balance of right-brained spiritual living as much as left-brained rational power, how could any person grow up with the illusion of fear, isolation and unlove which is conducive to developing the negative characteristics or destructive behaviours or feelings of hate or jealousy, etc, required if they came to learn from negative experiences? In a world of harmony, if negativity is essential, how is ‘heaven-on-earth’ favourable to us souls? Is the human race unable to grow through joy and love? ~Max, UK

ANSWER: Wow, did you even take a breath between the beginning and end of this intensely driven question? We feel your desire and drive to rid the world of the problems that society fights constantly. But those altercations between good and evil are what allow you to see love and joy. In the first part of your question you are describing what it is like at Home: All is perfect, all is unconditional love, and you know all the answers.

So, you ask, what is wrong with that? The answer: You can’t learn anything because you know it all. So you might just as well stay Home without a human body that allows you to have emotions and those wonderful physical sensations. Earth was created with all its problems and negativity so that humanity could have the opportunity to try to understand about judgment, based on your left-brained rational power, and to make your own choices. If the soul knows everything, granted it will have no fear, or any other negativity, but it also will have nothing to choose between—therefore no reason to come down to Earth’s duality.

Your concluding sentences speak of harmony and negativity, which reminds us of someone trying to keep a fire burning in the middle of a downpour with no shelter available. They are mutually exclusive. Heaven on Earth, joy and love, and even negativity—all are ways to learn the different lessons you may have chosen for your lifetime.

Most spiritual teachers are way-show-ers. They provide pieces to assist you with the jigsaw puzzle you call life. They may give you pieces you don’t need because you are not working on that lesson, or they may only provide the border, allowing you to figure out the rest.