Heal with love, respect and honor


Q: Masters, I am just beside myself with self loathing. Several months ago I resolved to become a new me. I went through a detoxification to rid myself of harmful substances. I lost over 40 pounds and was very well rested and had no tension because I really liked myself. Now I am a mess again! What can I do to get back on track?

A: You were cruising along in quiet waters with a full head of steam. Then little waves started to rock your boat. With each new wave you over-corrected your boat and began to tip over. You started to take on water and then you panicked. When you panicked you jumped back into the old habits that were comfortable and you were right back at the beginning again.

It is very difficult to change habits that have dominated you for years. As you began the new project, you were completely dedicated and nothing interfered with your concentration. After a while you weren’t thinking constantly about your new rules and regulations; you didn’t have to—they just were. When minor setbacks popped up, like a slight weight gain, you let them derail your new eating behavior. They also triggered an old behavior which had always given you comfort—binge eating. You have now decided that this new you is just a dream that cannot be fulfilled. “Why do I even try when I know I am going to fail?”

You knew when you began your campaign that you had the strength to carry it out—and you did for several months! Now you think you are weak. Why? A weak person would not have been able to lose 40 pounds. The secret to returning to your program is faith in yourself. Respect yourself for what you have accomplished in the past. Love yourself for taking the steps necessary to begin this journey. Honor yourself by remembering all the strength that is within, and continue honoring yourself by getting back in that boat and sailing over the rough seas. You can do it.