Messages from Home


Dear Fellow souls, we are pleased to announce that our human voices, Toni and Peter, have done it again and have put our words together in a new book! Its title is “Talking with Twentieth Century Women”, and it is the second book in our series “Dialogues with Masters of the Spirit World”.

In this book of lovely interviews with 21 famous women, such as Mother Teresa, Ella Fitzgerald, Selena, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Frank, and Amelia Earhart, each discusses why she chose the lessons that she experienced during that particular incarnation, and some of the difficulties she had with those lessons. Some of the women even talk a little about how this life is part of a series of incarnations for their soul.

Each soul incarnates to learn lessons so they might gain the wisdom of the knowledge learned within a duality-based society. In other words, in a place where there are always choices the soul has absolute freedom of choice concerning each incident.

Are you just a little bit curious what it feels like to be murdered? Have Sharon Tate tell you. Find out if Jane Addams thinks praying for peace is a mistake, or if Marie Curie thinks that cell phone radiation is dangerous. Find out the amazing musical experience shared by Marian Anderson, Maria Callas, and Ella Fitzgerald. This is just a small sampling of the wisdom from Home which is now being made available for you.

Love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World