When three’s a crowd

Masters, I have been married for 26 years and still love my husband even though we have been moving apart for some time. Our interests are no longer compatible and I feel stagnant. About 18 months ago I met a man who could complete my sentences, our energies are so similar. We have the same interests in learning about ourselves and understanding the purpose of life. My husband has found out about our relationship and has given me an ultimatum: our marriage or my new friend. I lied to my husband and told him that I am no longer in communication with my companion. Relations with my husband have improved but they are still not as good as with my new friend. What should I do? I love them equally and don’t want to give either of them up.

During the course of any human lifespan you come in contact with innumerable souls with whom you have previously made contracts. Some of these contracts are to last the entirety of your physicality and some are to allow you to learn lessons from the other soul, or more about yourself, and then to move on to a new vista.

With any individual with whom you have shared intimate relations there is a sense of appreciation and love that you wish to hang on to so that you might re-experience the moment. Your husband has been around for a tremendous amount of growth on your part and has precipitated, or played a part in, all of it.

This new associate has come into your life for you to see that you have not learned everything there is to know about yourself as a soul and to show you one way to go about learning more. With this knowledge you may now experiment with ways to understand yourself better—with your husband, with this new interest, or on your own.

You are going through the lesson of selfishness at the moment. You are allowing both men to think that they have your undivided attention while you dangle to and fro in front of them. It is time to step back and really see what you feel about this situation. What type of person do you wish to be at this time? Do you want to play on the emotions of both of these men? While it is true you will be able to learn a lot by continuing this behavior, what are you really seeking? Do you want to have the feeling when you step away from the drama that you have cheated these two men because you could not be truthful to them? Ask yourself if you are even being truthful to yourself. Isn’t it time to make decisions so that everyone can get on with their lives?