Just at the right time

QUESTION: Masters, I have had a very difficult period in my life for the past three years. My father died and my husband and I separated. I was not able to cope with everything and used alcohol as a means of escape. In July of this year I met a wonderful man who has shared things he learned while going through a difficult period in his life, and it has increased my awareness tenfold. I know now that I am going through these things for a reason. This man seemed to have fallen out of the sky to me at exactly the right time in my life. He has taught me so much and has not asked for anything in return. I truly feel that he was sent here by my guides or angels to teach me, and that we are meant to spend this part and possibly the rest of our lives together. My question to you is: Is this man someone I have shared a life with, or made a contract with? Is he my soul mate?  ~Kim USA

ANSWER: A number of things have all come together at once in your life. You were deluged with negative events that brought out insecurities, your response to which was escaping. Your soul wanted to see if you were aware enough to see through these tests, all of which you had gone through in other lives, and be able to analyze the events and move through them.

You knew that this was a huge amount for a human to be confronted with all at one time, so you and someone from your soul group had a backup plan to get together and allow him to tutor you through the mess. That “guide or angel” was none other than your own higher self, or the unconscious aspect of your soul who planned ahead for a period of overwhelm. Until someone brought out your acceptance of what had happened, and what could come, you were stymied. Now you can proceed again.

You did not set a time limit on how long the two of you would work together. Just sit back, relax, and see where everything goes from here. You have shared other Earth time together and have taken turns being rescuer and victim. A soul mate is normally the one chosen to be present when major things are going to happen in a life—both the good and the bad. Open yourself to all the energy that surrounds you and see how much is coming from him, and how much from you. It is easier to make choices if you immerse yourself in the moment and sense where you feel comfortable and where you need to go.