The scary future

QUESTION: Masters, I am on a constant spiritual awakening pathway. I am a single mom with two young boys, 8 and 10, and I am 48 years old. I am not working right now and want to be working. I am thinking of starting a shop or workshop destination providing all products and services based from a spiritual enlightenment base. Should I be pursuing this as a career for myself? Will it be able to provide for myself and my family? I am fearful to start this. I do desire it, but I want to make sure this is what I should be doing at this time.  ~Kathleen, Canada

ANSWER: Your mantra should be “freedom of choice, freedom of choice, freedom of choice.” It has been easy during your trials to rely upon the advice of others. It is now time to step up and move away from supports. Find your answers within. Take the time to go inside and see what your ideal work environment should be; this can be determined by what feels right to you at the moment. There are no rights and wrongs in your human experience.

You need to be responsible for your own future. You are going between being a mother responsible for all and a frightened soul who wants to just follow someone else’s instructions. You want not to be responsible for your own life. You can do that, but if you do you will not have the opportunity to learn the lessons you came down to Earth to complete.

You are an older soul who has had many lifetimes, and the feeling you have toward all things spiritual is an inkling of your vast knowledge. Your urges are calling out to move forward, but your lack of faith in yourself is applying the brakes. You need to access the strength that is at your core and use that energy to know you can do whatever it is you wish to experience.

Go into the fears that barricade you. Look them in the face, and see what is there. Most are just a voice in your head, which appeared when your life fell apart. They are the voices of society, friends, and relatives, telling you what society would do in your circumstances. You picked yourself up then, and you can do it now, as well, without needing to rely on them. Follow your internal feelings for the path you need.